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Season 3

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   The Show

Society has been writing about cities for centuries, from the words of Plato to the writings of more recent legends like Jane Jacobs and Ian McHarg. It is through reading the ideas of others that we can learn and grow our understanding of how cities function and how we can ensure they function well for everyone. The Booked on Planning podcast grew out of this idea in an effort to expand upon the books considered by the American Planning Association as important to read in preparing for the AICP exam, or certification exam for planners.

Since our second year, the show has covered current literature with author interviews on a diverse range of topics including equity, housing, transportation, technology, sustainability, and more. As a biweekly show, cohosts Stephanie Rouse and Jennifer Hiatt sit down with the authors to discuss their books and how they shape the way we live, work, and move around our cities.

Join us as we get Booked on Planning!

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Support the Show

To help support the show we set up an Amazon Affiliate page for all the books we cover and our authors recommend reading list. Make sure to check the show notes for each episode to get the direct link to our affiliate page to purchase the book or check out the library for a full list. A small portion of each purchase goes to support the show!

You can also listen to the show through Amazon at

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