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The High Cost of Free Parking

Episode 20

Pedestrian and Transit Oriented Design is not a book about design but a book about policy and process. Change doesn’t happen all at once, despite our desire, so we must make decisions about priorities and which changes happen in the first wave of upgrades and which will come later. As author Keith Bartholomew put it, all the elements are worth considering, but in a world of incremental change and priority setting...


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   The Show

Booked on Planning is a podcast that goes deep into the planning books that have helped shape the world of community and regional planning. We dive into the books and interview the authors to glean the most out of the literature important for preparing for AICP certification and just expanding your knowledge base.


Every two weeks a new episode is released highlighting a new book. This first year of episodes is focused on the books that made the American Planning Associations recommended reading list for AICP certification preparation. While these episodes will help in that regard, the list is comprised of seminal books in the field of planning and urban design, as well as covering a broad range of topics.

We are all busy with our day to day lives which is why we condense the most important materials from each book into digestible episodes for your commute, workout, or while you are cleaning up around the house. Join us while we get Booked on Planning.

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